Wills and Trusts

In the age of the internet form, it may seem that hiring a person to write your will, trust, or other estate document is an act of the past. However, you and your family are a wonderfully unique set of humans (and pets!) and your needs are not as simple as a “one-size-fits-all” form. At Creagar and Thurmond, we sit down with you to discuss your family, your expectations, and, especially, your questions. We then make sure that we set you up with the will, trust, durable power of attorney, or other estate plan items that fit your unique family.

Power of Attorney

These documents are one of the most important items during a time of need when a loved one is seriously ill, injured, or undergoing surgery. They give authority to a designated person on your behalf in order to make healthcare decisions or manage your affairs when you cannot. These are only active while you are alive. Contact Creagar and Thurmond to learn about a durable power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and other related documents.